Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lisette Moto Jacket

I had great plans for this blog when I began it. I thought I'd be able to see what I've sewn and when, and keep track of wardrobe ideas and sewing tips. Ha!

Teaching on call took up much of the first six months of 2015, and then I was offered a contract for September. You can guess what I've been doing since then!

I did manage to complete this moto jacket. I'm often cold and like a third layer of some sort. Right now I'm an "a la carte" teacher, which means I cart my stuff from room to room. Some rooms are warmer than others, so I like third layers that I can remove, if necessary.

Back to the jacket - once I made up my mind to sew it, it came together without much trouble. I read the reviews on Pattern Review, and checked out the Lisette blog sew-a-long.

The pattern had some errors in the instructions, but the sew-a-long corrected them. I like the two-piece sleeves on this jacket, and the princess seams that add some shaping to the front. It was a bit tricky matching the patterns.

I took the shoulders in about half an inch to avoid looking like an 80s rerun. I normally do an FBA, but didn't have to with this jacket. I inserted the lining as the pattern instructed, but added a hair canvas facing for stability to the hem, and sleeve heads to the shoulders.

Next time I make this jacket (and there will likely be a next time), I'll lengthen it about 1 inch.

On my cutting table (dining room) is a Maria Denmark Audrey dress. Hopefully, it won't take too long to finish up and I'll be able to post another finished project.   


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  2. sweet jacket!! wish i'd have the follow through to learn how to sew. are you able to make a long coat? that'd be so cool!